Butterflyheart Collection's beginning can be traced back to Northern California in the 1990's, when Brian and Anne first met and fell in love. Their relationship was interrupted when Brian had the opportunity to move to Europe for work. He traveled back and forth every few weeks, while Anne took vacations to Europe to be with him.

While they were apart, Brian sent many love letters, some silly, some serious, all with a butterfly and heart theme, a symbol of two free and developed spirits meeting in unison with one heart. The butterflyheart also represents compassion and humor, two ingredients that keep love strong.

In 2008, the butterflyheart reappeared in the form of a necklace that Brian made for their son's wedding. The bride, bridesmaids, and their mothers were all given one. Interest grew and many wondered where they could buy their own butterflyheart.

As a response to this growing interest, the butterflyheart and other related pieces are now available through the Butterflyheart Collection.